The Equity and Diversity Committee advises the CALS Dean on issues of equity and diversity affecting the College. The Committee also performs reviews of specific complaints of inequity in the College and report to the Dean. Examples of equity and diversity issues that affect the College include:

  • recommendations regarding a grievance procedure for students, academic staff, and faculty;
  • procedures in hiring searches to ensure greater diversity among the College’s faculty and staff;
  • recruitment and retention of minority students;
  • minority student programs;
  • retention programs for at-risk students;
  • other issues as deemed appropriate by the Committee.


Appointments made by the Dean on an annual basis. Members may be reappointed to the committee. In general, the membership will be constituted by:

  1. six faculty,
  2. two academic staff,
  3. one classified staff (non-represented),
  4. two undergraduate students to be appointed by the CALS student council,
  5. two graduate students,
  6. three ex officio: a member of the CALS Human Resource Office, the Senior Associate Dean and the Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.


Meetings will be scheduled as necessary by the Chair, or at the request of the Dean.